RE- connect and RE-focus on what really matters, in a destination that is in total harmony with the natural environment. Step into CASA MAYA KAAN and its tranquil and natural context. At CASA MAYA KAAN, we treat each other with respect and our guests with empathy because life is for living, love is for sharing and a smile is for everyone. We give nature a major say in everything we do and CASA MAYA KAAN is a luxury home that is meant to provide pure tranquility and an enriching experience for everyone of its guests.  

Our ultimate aim is that you feel your best. Our groundbreaking CASA MAYA KAAN standard will improve overall experience.  Our pioneering approach to wellness will guide you on your path to health and well-being.

Stay, play and create those perfect moments that become lasting memories.


connection to heaven & the skies 

Maya Ka'an, meaning "A Gift from Heaven" in the language of the ancient Maya, is a protected natural area, spanning more than a million acres. It was designated as a Biosphere Reserve in 1986 and a little time later it was also named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Sian Ka'an is just a few kilometers from the immensely beautiful archeological site of Tulum, in the Riviera Maya

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a human connection

At CMK the property is a human centered experience, conceived as a temporary habitat for those ready to learn and share, ready to awake the soul, and free the mind and connect with oneself and others.

It is a space in a sacred land where the mind, body and soul will be delighted and fulfilled by mother nature.



The sacred, pristine, and peaceful location and overall CMK guest experience, and activity, retreat & workshop options allows our guest to reflect and experience a truly unforgettable experience and memory.


go tribal

CASA MAYA KAAN’s untainted, raw, and pristine overall experience invites all our guest to truly connect with nature, oneself and others and bring out the TRIBAL, Raw nature of oneself. At the CASA MAYA KAAN we ask you to get back to nature and basics and connect with that TRIBAL side of the human spirit.


maya kaan - a gift from heaven

At CASA MAYA KAAN the connection between earth and sky is truly magical. The landscape and the peerless combination of mangroves, tropical forests, palm savannah, beaches, dunes and lagoons, the Sian Ka’an Mexican biosphere reserve and CASA MAYA KAAN property is among the most unique and beautiful areas in Mexico and the world. The UNESCO World Heritage Site status also protect the 120,000 hectares of Caribbean’s Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, shallow bays and lagoons and 23 Mayan archeological sites of interest. This property and location is truly A GIFT FROM HEAVEN. Come experience it for yourself.


connect with nature

The CASA MAYA KAAN invites guests to engage in the gorgeous, untainted, and raw landscapes of the BIOSPHERE. Walk down winding white sand paths with hundreds of plant species and palm trees. Chill out in one of the property bungalows, tents, or common open space areas while nature surrounds you. Take in the sun and bath in the crystal blue waters on the properties stunning white sand beach. The property provides unforgettable connection with nature and two amazing diverse and unique experiences from day to night. Guest can connect with nature and the Sian Ka’an Biosphere reserve’s natural beauty, undisturbed coastline, diverse shapes and contours as well as cenotes (sinkholes filled with fresh water) and petenes, and islands of trees that rise from the swamplands simply by walking throughout the BIOSPHERE or engaging in one of the CMK Activity or Tour options.


learn the ancient mayan history

In the modern world — when technological advances and information overload have left many of us with a desire to get back to basics — the need for ancient wisdom may be more important than ever before. At CASA MAYA KAAN we offer several amazing & unforgettable tours to learn more from the Ancient Mayan Culture, Sites, and Ways. Check out our Tour options.


enlighten & reset your senses 

CASA MAYA KAAN is designed around the philosophy of enlightening ones soul and senses and reseting back to the raw basics. The CASA MAYA KAAN property harmonious location combined with our various Retreat & Workshop options are guaranteed to create a truly unforgettable experience.


immerse yourself in the energy of the biosphere 

CASA MAYA KAAN and its unique location set in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere provides an energy Vortex (a place of high-energy field) that allows the field of our own electra-magnetical field to be amplified by the energy of nature that surrounds us, which allows us to release old trauma and heal the old wounds to live life in our fullest human potential.

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reside + rest

CASA MAYA KAAN home offers simple and elegantly appointed design and living so our guests can RESIDE & REST in a peaceful and untainted manner.

gather + celebrate

At CASA MAYA KAAN we invite our guests to Gather & Celebrate in various forms and manners.


experience wildlife in its rawest form

At CASA MAYA KAAN we invite guest to experience wildlife and nature in its rawest most pristine form. Explore via a labyrinth of natural mangrove canals and lagoons in search of the occasional crocodile sunbathing on a secluded shore and you have the opportunity to view various types of tropical birds. Along the way, you will see a magnificent Mayan temple as well as a stunning array of flora and fauna, including exotic butterflies, migratory birds and native orchids, to name a few. If you are lucky, you may even spot one or two manatees swimming to the surface for air. At CMK we offer a series of Tours and Activities that further engages our guests with Nature & Wildlife.


customs + traditions of the mayans 

CASA MAYA KAAN invites its guests to experience the rich and diverse customs & traditions of the Mayan Culture. Thought Guided tours, in house services and activities and retreats CMK celebrates the beautiful customs & traditions of the MAYAN culture and people.


yucutan culture + life

CASA MAYA KAAN celebrates the beauty, history, and simplicity of the YUCUTAN Culture and life through its service delivery and custom guided tours our guests are able to experience YUCUTAN culture and life and various facets and manners.


cmk chef + wellness crafted menu / food curation

CASA MAYA KAAN private chef Louis Ortiz crafts some of the most delicious wellness food with a traditional flare. For every dish, dinner, lunch, snack, meal or event CMK provides a truly memorable culinary experience for all its guests.